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For the first time, you have the opportunity to be part of the first generation of Dentosophists in America.

Dentosophy finally arrives in America, brought to you by two of the best and most recognized European Dentosophists, Dolores López and Alessandro D’Angelo, creators and instructors of the Dentosophy Course for the expansion of dental art.

Enroll in this Intensive Course on Dentosophy with International Experts in Ajijic, Jalisco. 

Learn the anthroposophical technique that optimizes the overall health of your patients from September 3rd to September 7th, 2024.


It is a therapy characterized by a humanistic approach to the art of dentistry, utilizing functional techniques and highlighting the connection between the balance of the mouth, the balance of the human being, and, more broadly, the balance of the world..

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A course for lovers of Dentistry.


¿Who is it for?


Dentists with a Holistic Vision: Professionals who understand that a human being is more than just a sum of parts, recognizing that teeth are connected to the entirety of the being, not only physically but also emotionally, mentally, and even spiritually.

Professionals with a Vision for the Future and an Open Mind: Dentists who stand out for their desire to be at the forefront of dental treatments and procedures, always seeking to offer their patients the latest in technology and oral care, knowing that their own personal process can inspire their patients to make significant transformations in their lives.

Specialists in Constant Growth: Dentists who value continuous education as a means to enhance their skills, expand their services, and effectively respond to the changing needs of their patients.

Practitioners with Ambitions of Leadership: Those who seek not only to perfect their technique but also to become leaders within the dental and anthroposophical communities, sharing knowledge and promoting innovative practices.

Professionals Committed to Comprehensive Care: Dentists who recognize the importance of addressing oral health from a holistic perspective, integrating new philosophies like Dentosophy to treat not just the symptoms but also the underlying causes of oral conditions. Professionals who want to elevate their knowledge about the Art of Dentistry through an understanding that integrates the different levels of the human being.

¿What will you learn?


This course, aimed at dentists, consists of 4 modules, at the end of which the participant will be equipped with the following competencies:


Management of the first dentosophic visit, use and delivery of the activator, understanding of the psycho-emotional foundations of Dentosophy.


The soul and the psyche. The tripartition of the human being and the mouth, psycho-emotional profiles, the meaning of each tooth.


The physical body and dental practice, practical management of elevations, tracks, and Neuro-Occlusal Rehabilitation (NOR) in children and adults.


The spirit and anthroposophic medicine. Principles of medical ethics, practice of observation exercises for a comprehensive understanding of the patient. Personal growth exercises.

"In just 5 days, begin your journey as a Dentosophist".


An intensive course that provides all the essential knowledge. Additionally, enjoy a full year of continuous support to ensure your success in this transformative technique. Start making a difference in your community now!.


Next date: September 3rd to September 7th, 2024. Location: Ajijic (Magic Town) - Jalisco - Mexico.

Duration: 5 in-person days from 9 am to 5 pm with an hour for lunch.

5 bimonthly Webinars: There will be 5 additional webinars every 2 months for 1 year to address questions and generate interesting debates.

Price: $4,499eur (Travel and lodging NOT included).

 Exclusive Opportunity in Latin America!

Be part of the select group that will transform their dental practice with Dentosophy: 4 intensive days and 5 annual webinars.

Innovation and excellence within your reach. Do not miss this unprecedented educational experience!

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Experience, vocation, and passion for innovation!

Alessandro D'Angelo

Dentosophist Dentist, specialized in Periodontics.


An eminent professional in the field of dentistry, whose academic training and professional experience mark him as a reference in the holistic approach to dentistry, with a special emphasis on Dentosophy, Periodontics, and advanced implant treatments.

Graduated in Dentistry from the University of Padua, Alessandro has dedicated a significant part of his career to refining his skills and knowledge through specialized courses. His passion for excellence led him to complete a Neuromuscular Occlusion Course, followed by a Biannual Periodontics Course under the tutelage of Dr. Roberto Pontoniero, highlighting his commitment to comprehensive and advanced oral health treatment.

His journey also includes a specialization in advanced implant treatments at the University of Modena, as well as training in Neuro-Occlusal Rehabilitation (NOR) with Alessandro Confaloni, reflecting his continuous quest for innovation in the dental field.

Alessandro is recognized for his Anthroposophical approach to dentistry, a perspective that integrates dental care with a holistic approach to the overall well-being of the patient. His training in Dentosophy has been enriched by direct learning from doctors Marie Solange, Rodrigue Mathieu, and Michel Montaud, key figures in this field.

Throughout his career, he has shared his knowledge and experience by presenting at various international conferences, contributing to the dissemination of new techniques and approaches in dentistry.

Since 2011, Alessandro has been dedicated to conducting courses for the dissemination of Dentosophy, and since 2017, he has participated as a professor in the annual Dentosophy courses organized in Madrid. His educational work reflects his commitment to training new generations of dentists in innovative practices that promote a comprehensive vision of dental health.

Alessandro D'Angelo stands out for his holistic approach and his dedication to teaching and practicing Dentosophy, proving to be a pillar in the dental community and a role model for professionals and students interested in enriching their practice with innovative and comprehensive approaches.

Dolores López 

Neurosensory Dentist, Posturologist, and Dentosophist.


 A distinguished professional in the field of dentistry, whose career and academic background have established her as one of the most authoritative voices in the specialties of Dentosophy, Neurosensory Dentistry, and Posturology.

Graduated in Dentistry from the prestigious University of Granada, Dolores has dedicated a large part of her career to deepening and expanding her knowledge in various areas of specialization. Between 1993 and 1995, she completed a Master's in Orthodontics at Progressive Orthodontics, marking the beginning of an ongoing educational journey. Her passion for excellence led her to complete a Master's in Periodontics at Gingiva Clinic between 2004 and 2005, followed by a Master's in Posturology and Kinesiology offered by SEKMO between 2010 and 2011.

Her commitment to the evolution of dental practice and her interest in holistic approaches were reflected in her participation in the Anthroposophic Medicine Course by IFMA during 2012 and 2013, and in the NOR Course with Dr. Pedro Moreno Cabello in 2014. Additionally, Dolores has honed her skills in Neurosensory Dentistry with Dr. Alfredo Marino in Italy and has delved deeply into Anthroposophic Dentistry at AMA and SOAMA in Argentina from 2013 to 2016.

In 2017, she trained in Dentosophy with Dr. Michel Montaud and has continued her training with the Annual Course in Posturology and Orthocraniodontics with Dr. Giuseppe Stefanelli in Italy, in addition to completing a course in Equilibriodontics.

Throughout her career, Dolores López del Jesús has shared her vast knowledge and experience through lectures and presentations at various international congresses. Her dedication to teaching and organizing Dentosophy courses in Spain demonstrates her commitment not only to her professional development but also to the advancement of dentistry as a discipline.

Currently, Dolores practices her passion and specialty in Lucena, Córdoba, where she is dedicated to practicing Dentosophy, Neurosensory Dentistry, and Posturology, significantly contributing to the well-being and overall health of her patients.

Her career is a testament to dedication, a constant quest for knowledge, and the application of innovative approaches in dentistry, making a significant difference in the lives of those who have the pleasure of knowing her and learning from her experience.

"Elevate Your Dental Practice by Learning Advanced Techniques Directly from the Experts"

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