The origin of chronic and degenerative diseases and how to avoid them

April 25th-July18th (13 weeks)

Learn with Dr. Bigelsen and his sons one of the hidden causes of many chronic and degenerative diseases

In this provocative course, you will learn that many times, trying to help, our western allopathic medicine creates more harm than help. 

This course is in English with Spanish subtitles available.


You will understand the real cause of all chronic diseases, and how to use this information to live a healthier life. 

This course will challenge you to rethink everything you believe about illness and how to treat it

- Bigelsen Academy

Doctors can be Harmful too

While western medicine teaches doctors to elimitate symptoms and "germs", often through surgery and other procedures that cause further damage to the body, Dr Bigelsen argues that effective medical therapy must allow the body to go through a true process of healing, not simply suppress the symptoms that serve as warning flags. 

Instead of looking at a sick person as a set of symptoms and an illness as an isolated event, we must institute a new paradigm that treats each person as an individual and searches for root causes in the terrain - the whole living human body.


"The terrain is everything"

Claude Bernard


The content includes videos and documents, and also a weekly live Q&A webinar.  You can ask the questions directly in our platform or in the meeting. Those questions will be answered in the same place you asked or in the Q&A webinar.

Here you have a taste of the content

  • Surgery and inflammation, the connection no one seems to see.¬†
  • The role of inflammation in the healing process
  • The real root cause of "Chronic diseases" and why they can stop being chronic.
  • Terrain, Germs and diseases
  • What to do about it all. How to find the root cause and address it.¬†
  • Mind - Body¬† - Emotions, our own terrain, is all.¬†
  • The Hypocratic Oath, education, politics and ethics


This information has the potential to totally transform your medical practice and/or your own health care. 

  • Why and how some of the medical practices create more damage than help, and how to be aware of the ones that create problems.
  • Increase your understanding of how the body really works, why do we get sick and how to monitor it.
  • Have clarity to see what is the body trying to do and how to support it to recover health and wellness.¬†
  • The reality of "chronic diseases" and why they don't have to be¬†chronic.¬†
  • See how Dr. Bigelsen described the most significant chronic diseases and his way to address them.¬†


  • Individuals that want to be healthy or improve their own dis-eases.¬†
  • Practitioners that want to have a different perspective on chronic diseases and health in general.¬†
  • Individuals passionate about understanding their body's intricate workings.

Information to make better decisions

A profound  insight into the synergy of the body and its interconnectedness,



Josh Bigelsen

Josh was working side by side with his father, Dr. Harvey Bigelsen, during 15 years. During this time he learned how to understand the Holographic Blood© Analysis. He was also doing some of the required treatments, which also gave him a very practical approach to the work. 



Adam Bigelsen

Health Coach, Holographic Blood and sound therapy.

Adam Bigelsen's experience as a learning facilitator has led him to be an international speaker and health & wellness educator.

Adam's life has been a combination of his father's pioneering work in the field of holistic medicine, and his own training in curriculum design. This and his background in music and exploration into the world of sound and frequency work have all come together within the Terrain Paradigm.

About the content of this course 


"It is a gem, containing much more than a critique of the current American medical system. The cure of inflammation and disease resides in simple, non-toxic approaches that release tension, reduce inflammation, and allow self-regulation to cure. For those who have ears to hear and eyes to see. 

C.Norman Shealy, MD PhD, Presiden, Holos Institutes of Health

Let's Go!!!

Why this course?

Unmatched Expertise: Tap into the collective wisdom and experience of over 40 years in the field, brought to you by the successors of Dr. Harvey Bigelsen's legacy. This course is a culmination of success stories in holistic health practices.

Chronic diseases do not need to be chronic: Only when you understand the real cause of chronic and degenerative diseases, you realize that they do not need to continue being chronic. You can address the cause and help the body to recover the balance .

Easy language: The content is explained in very easy language, full of examples and cases that will help you to fully understand the concepts.

Holistic Health Insights: Discover the symbiotic relationship between germs and humans, and how the terrain  can profoundly alter your understanding of health and disease.


Your Path to Understand How Your Body Really Works Begins Here

For just $1497, you gain exclusive access to:

  • A meticulously structured course that spans comprehensive modules, week by week.
  • Interactive live Q&A sessions,¬†directly with Adam and Josh Bigelsen. Not just a chat, but a videoconference. Webinars will be on Thursdays at 12pm PT
  • Continuous learning support through an engaged community of peers.
  • Also, gain access to exclusive content within the Living University of Terrain, the most renowned school on the planet for holistic health education.

Transform Your Health and Wellness, learn with us!

With this course,  you're not just learning about chronic and degenerative illnesses, you're enhancing your understanding of how the body really works and how to support it. Whether you're a health practitioner looking to refine your evaluation skills or a health enthusiast eager to understand the intricacies of your own body, this course offers invaluable insights that can significantly improve your consultations and personal health journey.

A Small Investment for a Lifetime of Knowledge

Investing in "The hidden side of Healthcare" means investing in your future and the future of those you advise or care for. The $1497 fee is not merely a cost, but a gateway to unlocking a wealth of knowledge and expertise that can transform your approach to health and wellness.

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