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The Hidden Side of Healthcare.

April 25th-July 18th

This course is going to blow your mind.

In it, Josh and Adam Bigelsen go through the work of their father, Dr. Harvey Bigelsen, focusing on chronic and degenerative diseases.

In his unique approach, with teachings that will defy all you think you know about health, you will understand what is the main cause of these diseases, and what to do about it.

Because, let's be honest. A person labels a condition 'chronic' because they do not believe there is a cure. But this doesn't mean that there is no cure. This only means that the person that is calling the disease "chronic" doesn't believe there is a cure.

Dr. Bigelsen was clinically successful for more than 3 decades. Why don't we listen to him? Only because what he says is too simple? 

This course is different than the "Introduction to the Terrain paradigm", although both of them talk about terrain, and about health. This course, as mentioned, focuses more in on different kinds of diseases and their causes and solutions.

You will also see the patterns Dr. Bigelsen found in the most common chronic diseases, and those patterns not only make sense, but they have been proven to be true!

Join us in this unique journey that will give you a helpful, practical and simple approach to the cause of chronic and degenerative diseases. With this information and understanding, chronic diseases are no longer 'chronic'. 

Here's a taste of the content

  • Surgery and inflammation, the connection no one seems to see. 
  • The role of inflammation in the healing process
  • The real root cause of "Chronic diseases" and why they don't have to be chronic.
  • Terrain, Germs and diseases
  • What to do about it all. How to find the root cause and address it. 
  • Mind - Body  - Emotions, our own terrain, is all. 
  • The Hypocratic Oath, education, politics and ethics

This information has the potential to totally transform your medical practice and/or your own health care. 

  • Why and how some of the medical practices create more damage than help,and how to be aware of the ones that create problems.
  • Increase your understanding of how the body really works, why do we get sick and how to monitor it.
  • Have clarity to see what is the body trying to do and how to support it to recover health and wellness. 
  • The reality of "chronic diseases" and why they can stop being chronic. 
  • See how Dr. Bigelsen described the most significant chronic diseases and his way to address them. 

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