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School of Health  - Season 3

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Welcome! We are thrilled to offer you an exclusive sneak peek into the transformative world of the School of Health. As a special gift, you'll receive a recorded video from one of our previous sessions, showcasing the invaluable insights and holistic health knowledge that our program offers.

Join us and to get direct access to learn from the Bigelsen brothers and a stellar lineup of international health experts. Gain uncensored, invaluable insights that will help you understand and care for your health in a truly comprehensive way.

Our third season starts on July 13th, and we can't wait to share this exciting journey with you.


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Learn from the Experts

Join us and learn from the Bigelsen brothers and a stellar lineup of international health experts. Our program features uncensored, invaluable insights that provide a comprehensive understanding of health, connecting body, mind, and spirit.

What you´ll learn

  •  Learn with Ease: If you are tired of contradictory information, tired of trying many different options and still not sure what to do to feel better and take care of your own health and your beloved ones, this is your place.

  • Understanding The Terrain Paradigm: Dive in into the foundational principles of The Terrain Paradigm and its profound impact on health. 

  • Exclusive Interviews: Gain insights from top health experts through uncensored, revealing conversations that provide invaluable information.

  • Holistic Practices: Discover practical techniques to enhance your body’s natural healing processes and support overall wellness.

  • Mental-Physical Health Connection: Understand the crucial link between mental and physical well-being, and how to maintain balance.

  • Natural Healing Methods: Learn about various natural approaches to healing that can be easily integrated into your daily life.

  • Inflammation as Healing: Understand why inflammation is a vital part of your body's healing process and how to manage it effectively.

  • Nutritional Insights: Explore the role of nutrition in maintaining optimal health and how to make informed dietary choices.

  • Community Support: Join a supportive community of like-minded individuals on a journey towards better health.

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Learn at your own pace, from your own home. All the content get safely recorded, nothing is lost! You can access anytime.

Amazing Guests

Interviews with the most cutting-edge professionals that are really changing the world. Time to start thinking out of the box!

Q&A Webinars

We want to answer all your doubts, and talk about the topics that you really want to talk about. Let's put all of our concerns on the table!

Exclusive Content

We have awesome content for you: audio/videos, articles, exercises... homework!!.
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Why You Should Join Us:

Imagine the unique opportunity to learn from the Bigelsen brothers, Adam and Josh, alongside a stellar lineup of international health experts. Our special guests bring uncensored, invaluable insights that are not available anywhere else. In our upcoming season, you'll learn to care for your health in a truly comprehensive way, understanding the intricate connections between body, mind, and spirit

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Is This Event for You?


Are you seeking a deeper, more holistic understanding of your health? The School of Health (SOH) is designed for individuals who are passionate about:

  • Holistic Health: Embracing a comprehensive approach that connects body, mind, and spirit.

  • Terrain Paradigm Learning about this transformative perspective and its profound impact on health.

  • Natural Practices: Exploring less invasive, sustainable healing methods.

  • Uncensored Knowledge: Accessing exclusive insights from international health experts.

  • Health Autonomy: Taking control of your health and wellness through education and empowerment.

  • Supportive Community: Joining a group of like-minded individuals dedicated to holistic health.

If any of these resonate with you, then the School of Health is the perfect place to start your journey towards a healthier, more empowered life. Join us and be part of a community that values deep, holistic health knowledge and practical, natural healing techniques.


"They have many tools and insights to help you shift and uplift your life. They are an outstanding, inspirational team with a very practical, functional, and successful program.
I am still blown away of how the "The Bigelsen Method" helps us understand and see the messages depicted holographically in the blood revealing areas needing addressing and healing. I am fascinated by the technique.  You will discover a lot about yourself as I did."

Karine Gava

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We want to hold your hand to recover your health and wellbeing, while we build a community that will really make a difference in the society. 

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