Cultivating Conciousness

Living University of Terrain 

The terrain is everything. It is the key to our health and to life. From stars to cells, from energy to consciousness, the internal and external terrain define our possibilities.

Welcome to the great adventure of knowledge!

The Living University of Terrain is a platform where we are bringing together all the rigorous knowledge about science and health, because we have a purpose: to return to each of the living beings on this planet the knowledge that allows them to choose a fuller life, healthier and happier.

Who are we?


We are a group of scientist that are gathering and sharing all the information about the Terrain Paradigm.

We are commited with a rigurous science, not based on economic interests but on the knowledge of the natural laws.

We work simbiotically to promote the knowledge of how nature really works: cooperation, adaptation, symbiosis.

Our vision is to change the current scientific paradigm, which is obsolete and does not respond to reality. 



Bioenergía aplicada a la salud

Con Ana María Oliva, PhD


Fecha: Del 17 de enero al 25 de julio 2023
Idioma: Español

[Webinarios: martes 18.00h (España)]

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